Nutrition Foundation of Pakistan


NFP registration is not just a registration scheme, rather it is part of the Dietitian Nutritionists Empowerment Project based on inclusion, acceptance of diversity, and zero tolerance for the negligence of professional integrity.
Considering the developments in the field and upgrade in international standards for nutrition professionals, NFP Expert panel feels that there is a dire need to make robust efforts to raise the standards of dietetics education and practices in Pakistan.


The task is crucial and more challenging than it was a decade ago, due to indeterminate variation in nutrition focused degree programs, being offered by various institutions. The situation also leads to inefficient recruitment of graduates for various positions and consequent frustration among more befitting graduates. The circumstances may also reduce respect and advocacy for the profession. Measures from public stakeholders for accreditation of degree programs and licensing of Human Nutrition Professionals (HNPs) is the ideal solution to such challenges. However, in many countries, facing similar challenges which affects the quality of dietetics education, the practice is being monitored by other agencies successfully.