Nutrition Foundation of Pakistan

NFPDC Registration of Human Nutritionists

Dear Colleagues

NFPDC is establishing this register as part of a scheme for the empowerment of various categories of Human Nutritionist in Pakistan.
Acknowledgment and enhancement of competencies of majority of Human Nutritionist is the vision. This is planned to be accomplished by providing opportunities for identifying and filling the gaps in competence by repeated assessments, and continuing professional education. 
Registration is first step in the process.

Dietitian-Nutritionist are the ones who have most comprehensive training in Nutrition care of humans, have good understanding of the Nutrition Care Process and are trained to work in any of the three main areas of practice i.e. community setting, clinical setting and food service settings.

Public health nutritionists are expert in diet and nutrition who works to improve public nutrition and need to have competence about Standardized Nutrition Care Process applicable to populations. They can plan and implement nutrition interventions for populations but are not eligible for individual dietary advice or other nutrition intervention in health and disease.

Academic/Research Nutritionists are professionals with a degree/equivalent in human nutrition that can be helpful in teaching and conducting research but does not prepare for serving as a practitioner in community, clinical or food service settings.

Prof. Dr. Rubina Hakeem