Nutrition Foundation of Pakistan

For Registration

Registration Process:

  1. Application will be made online via this link:
  3. Applicant is wholly responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted.
  4. Submission of inaccurate information or tempered documents will result in cancellation of registration and ban on re-registration, no matter when the inaccuracy is identified. Information about cancellation of registration will be shared on NFP website.

Documents to be uploaded

  1. Basic Degrees: Please upload your university degree/s and mark sheets for first four years of university education after intermediate (as one pdf file).
  2. Evidence of Expertise in Nutrition (EEN). Please upload details and evidence/certificates of your additional education / training /research in nutrition.

Proof of payment:

Please pay via online transfer, save the transaction confirmation message as a pdf file or screenshot and upload it with your online form.


  1. Document assessment fees is to be paid with the online form For Pakistan: PKR. 1500, For Overseas: PKR. 3000.
  2. two-year registration fee is, For Pakistan PKR 3000, For Overseas: PKR.6000
  3. Registration fee may be paid after getting approval and invoice or later with the assessment fee. In case your application is rejected it will be refunded.
  4. Registration Cycle will be run for two years i.e. from 1st July of the running year till the 30th June next year.

Method of payment:

Fees are to be paid via bank transfer to MCB account no: 0539242631004834
Rubina HakeemMCB IBAN: PK64MUCB0539242631004834


Renewal needs to be done after two years @ Rs. 3000/-

Terms of Registration

Administrative Assessment of Competence

  1. All registrants will be required to follow ICDA Code of Ethics and undertake occasional administrative assessment of competence and take part in activities that will be framed for assessing training needs.
  2. Individual results will not be shared with anyone except the registrant.

Comprehensive Assessment of Competence to Receive the Competence Certificate for RDNs

  1. Comprehensive assessment of competence will assess the proficiency of the registrant as per international criteria.
  2. Undertaking assessments will be optional and paid by the registrant.
  3. Individual results will not be shared with anyone except the registrant.

Continuing Professional Development

  1. Registrants will be guided about their CPD needs on the basis of their assessed results.
  2. CPD activities may be free, discounted or paid. Registrants will be free to decide about undertaking CPD activities.

Administrative policies

  1. All registrants will have to follow ICDA & NFP Code of Ethics
  2. Any stakeholder will have the right to submit complaint against any registrant who is inflicting any public harm via his/her professional role. The case will be investigated by an unbiased committee recruited by the panel of experts. The registrant may be given up to three warnings if he/she is willing to rectify the mistakes and if the mistakes were unintentional. In case of any intentional harm or if the indicted registrant is not seen improving the reported practice, registration will be withdrawn.
  3. Registrant will not be allowed to make any political, religious, regional sub-groups without chairperson’s permission.


Dear NFP members it’s to be reminded that the RD certification given by¬† NFP is only for local purposes, as it indicates that within Pakistan you are eligible to work as Registered Dietitian in terms of norms prevailing here it does not indicate any particular high level standard that is compared to between international standards and so this certificate is not meant to be presented to international¬† agencies and in case if you want to present it to international agencies or outside Pakistan we regret that NFP will not be able to provide you any further verification except that the certificate was issued by NFP