Nutrition Foundation of Pakistan

Aim of Academic Committee

• To link all the academic institutes together that offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in nutrition and dietetics and to develop strategies and provide guidance to improve academic standards.
NFPAC Educational Support

• To provide educational support by sharing educational resources and materials.

• To disseminate evidence based information by organizing continuous nutrition education workshops, trainings, guest lecture sessions, educational programs and webinars.

• To coordinate with NFP member academicians and develop educational strategies pertaining to teaching, learning and maintenance of academic standards.
NFPAC Technical Support

• To enhance the efficiency of teaching and learning by providing easy access to NFP e-Library and other relevant links.
NFPAC Promotional Support

• To promote educational activities/events of the member academic institutes through NFP Newsletter.

• Continue to recommend jobs, national and international scholarships and other relevant opportunities.

Acedemic Committe Chair
Sanowber Ajaz

Lecturer – Human Nutrition and Dietetics
Iqra University North Campus
Consultant Nutritionist – Sehat Kahani E Clinics
Former Clinical Dietitian – BIDE, Dr Ziauddin Hospital, SIUT Hospital
RD – PNDS (2018 – 2020)