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Manage COVID-19 with Healthy Diet
Food provides us nutrition and well-being. For meeting the short and long term challenges posed by COVID-19 pandemic, optimal nutrition care is guaranteed tool for all but more so for low middle income countries. Better nutritional status can reduce the need for critical care resources and better preserve health and functionality of survivors.

While food provides some power to sustain strength during crisis, please remember that it is by no means replacement for measures that needs to be taken for preventing the exposure to the virus.

COVID-19 team for NFP undertook a thorough review oaf all available researches and identified the food and nutrition related actions that we can take to prevent severe COVID-19.
The whole monograph can be downloaded by clicking

Nutrition Foundation of Pakistan on the basis of review of research evidences available up till now recommends all Pakistani to increase the intake of uncooked vegetables , fruits, live yogurt or lassi, flax seeds, lentils and lightly cooked spinach.
Urdu version of dietary recommendation will be available soon.

 Date and Time:  27, March, 2021, 2pm-5pm
Venue:  Auditorium Ziauddin University Faculty of Engineering, Science & Management (ZUFEST) North Nazimabad, KARACHI (Hybrid online – on site participation)

Covid-19 pandemic has posed challenges to human wellbeing across the globe. Involvement on nutrition in its severity as well as impact of the disease on the nutrition of individuals and populations has been identified. In relation to International Nutrition Month Celebrations, Nutrition foundation of Pakistan in collaboration with Ziauddin University is arranging a seminar to identify the role of nutrition in managing CVOID-19 in Pakistan  


1.30 – 2.00 pm          Registration

2.00 -2.15 pm            Recitation of Holy Quran & Welcome Address

2.15-3.30 pm             Keynote Lectures:

2.15- 2.30 Covid-19 & Nutrition, Lessons Learnt Prof. Dr. Rubina Hakeem Chairperson NFP, Chief Nutritionist   Ziauddin University
2.30- 2.45 Covid-19 –Nutrition Interactions Ms. Mehreen Amer Lecturer-Nutrition   Dow University of Health Sciences
2.45-3.00 Covid-19 and Food Supply Ch. Faiz Rasool Senior Policy Advisor, (GAIN)
3.00 -3.15 Nutrition after Infection Ms. Faiza Shoaib Lecturer Nutrition Ziauddin University

3.30-4.30 pm            Panel discussion

Covid-19 and Nutrition in Pakistan: Observations, Implications and Recommendations

Moderator: Kekhashan Hussain (Senior Dietitian SIUT)


  • Ayeza Umar (Dietitian, QA Int. Hosp. Islb)
  • Hina Afnan (Senior Dietitian, DUHS Karachi)
  • Noor Zehra (Senior Dietitian, Tabba Karachi)
  • Sana Azfar (Senior Dietitian, AKUH Karachi)
  • Dr Hana Mahmood (Dir. Neoventive Solutions)
  • Dr Zeeshan (Project Dir. PPHI Nutrition)

4.30 – 4.50                Recommendations

4.50 – 5.00                Vote of Thanks

5.00                            Refreshments


Registration will be compulsory both for online/onsite participation.

Number of on-site Participant will be limited and based on online registration. The option will be open till the seats are filled.

Certificate will be provided to participant who responds to feedback during and after the session

On-site participant will be required to wear face masks and follow all the COVID-19 related SoPs.