Nutrition Foundation of Pakistan

About NFP


To play a pivotal a role in Optimizing Nutrition Care in Pakistan


Development and Optimum utilization of nutrition-related expertise, evidence-base, and technology, for improving food and nutrition situation Pakistan by:

  1. Supporting evidence-based nutrition care strategies and effective process for improving food and nutrition security in Pakistan and similar populations,
  2. Providing a platform for interaction, learning and making contributions to all the citizens, professionals, organizations and institutions that are interested in improving the nutritional well-being of Pakistani population.


  1. Formulation of a variety of groups to facilitate collaborative actions
  2. Formulation of national and international panels of  experts   to develop population-specific guidelines and consensus statements for normal and therapeutic nutrition care of people living in Pakistan and similar environments
  3. Development and maintenance of  database of resources available for food and nutrition related welfare actions and education and research activities
  4. Development of tools and online resources to facilitate collaborative actions, dissemination of information, enhancing public awareness, education of professionals and sharing of resources.
  5. Planning and implementation of  nutrition promoting initiatives in the area of education, research, community development, and food and nutrition entrepreneurship.


  1. Enhance Increase inter-sectoral understanding and collaboration by making inclusive groups and task forces for various areas and by providing information about each through the website and other forums.
  2. Promoting cooperation and Decreasing inter-profession apprehension and insecurities by identifying common goals, by developing consensus about common and shared areas of expertise, facilitating and supporting state licensing  of a variety of nutrition-related professions and acknowledging the contribution of each field of expertise in the promotion of nutrition security in Pakistan
  3. Enhance fitness of nutrition care providers by supplementing and complementing their competencies by appropriate guidance and training
  4. Enhance the effectiveness of nutrition related activities and projects by facilitating judicious allocation of responsibilities, use of evidence-based processes and strategies, employment of process approach. appropriate documentation of activities and easy sharing of public data and resources.