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Why we need NFP?

Pakistan has been facing a variety of nutritional disorders since many decades and in spite of apparent food sufficiency and sporadic efforts from various private and public sector organization, indications of improvement are rare.

At present there is fragmentation of nutrition efforts and effectiveness of projects is halted by their lack of continuity and connectivity with relevant sectors. Lack of networking and limited knowledge about and lack of appreciation of various professional fields is a limiting factor in the success of nutrition programs.    For changing nutrition scenario in our country and meet the nutrition related as well as the nutrition dependant Sustainable Development Goals, we need collaborative actions at various levels and sharing of resources from a variety of fields. Collaborations are required at all levels, ranging from within the community to within public sector departments, between the private and public sector and between public, health care professionals, key stakeholders, researchers, and educationists.

NFP is established with a firm belief that the synchronization of efforts can ensure continued and orchestrated community nutrition care and e improve the nutrition situation in Pakistan.

Nutrition Foundation of Pakistan

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